Crime Stopping: What to Watch For

Let’s face it: you’re probably not the vigilante you once dreamed of being when you were young. These days, law officers are law officers, and everyone else pretty much keeps their nose out of peacekeeping.

But while you may never be the guy or girl gadding about the streets, chasing down pickpockets and stomping out evil, you do have the right and responsibility to recognize wrongdoing when you see it. By knowing what to look for, you’ll be doing a service for yourself, your community and the world at large.

Psychological research brings about a lot of evidence that criminal personalities are readily identifiable if you know what you’re looking for. The trick is knowing what to look for.

Many criminals give off key warning sings such as shifty, nervous eyes, concealing apparel, unnerving behavior and even running shoes (the getaway would be pretty tough in a pair of loafers). Keep a close eye on your surroundings, and if you see someone acting suggestively, consider calling the authorities.

Beyond memorizing these key indicators, it’s also a good move to get yourself a home security system – probably one with door and window motion sensors. There’s no shame in protecting yourself with automated monitoring you can find, as it’s actually one of the best ways to build on your keen sense for criminal behavior. Between your security system and your watchful eye, there’s so much you can do for the safety of your loved ones.

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Planning Fire Escapes From Public Buildings

Responsible families always have a plan for escaping from their home in the case of fire, but few ever think about planning a safe escape for their family if they find themselves in a burning public building.

Escaping safely from a burning public building is easier if your family is together. If you cannot stick together in public, have a plan in place to meet in case of a fire or another emergency. For example, if your family enjoys doing things individually at church, plan to always meet at the car if you must evacuate separately.

It is Continue reading

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The Community Can Unite On These Public Safety Concerns

The strength of a community lies in its assortment of unique individuals. However, this amalgamate of people almost certainly means that there will be a host of different opinions within any one community. Each opinion means that there are different concerns for everyone’s well-being. I.e., not everyone is going to prioritize the same thing.
There are some constants however. Indeed, it’s essentially assured that everyone in the community will unite against these common public safety concerns:

According to the FBI, larceny is the most common Continue reading

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10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

Home security involves creating multiple layers of security to protect your home and possessions. The first step is to make a security plan. Determine how many layers of security you need to protect your home. You can choose surveillance cameras, an audible alarm system and high-quality door locks. The doors leading into your home should be made out of heavy steel or wood.

Install window contacts and sensors to alert you of an intrusion. You can also install driveway alarms and reinforce your garage door. Consider buying motion detecting Continue reading

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3 Prime Ways Of Preventing Crime In Our Neighborhood

If you are like a lot of people, then you are probably worried about potential crimes that can occur in your neighborhood. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can deter crime. You want to make sure that you develop a good relationship with your neighbors. You should also make sure that you know your neighbors’ work and vacation schedule.

You may want to consider setting up a neighborhood watch program Continue reading

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Top 5 Community Activities That Could Discourage Crime

Whether it is in a large city or small town, reducing crime is a serious issue in any community. The best way to discourage crime is to reach out to local residents and provide some interesting and productive activities. Public recreational centers featuring sports facilities will keep the neighborhood’s youth occupied. After school programs are also very important in keeping young kids off the streets and avoiding trouble. Most schools offer different types of academic, sports and other clubs that will attract children.

Community seminars about jobs and careers will encourage the Continue reading

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7 Ways Individuals Can Help Prevent Crime

The police and military are effective but they can’t be everywhere at once. Individuals can help prevent crimes themselves in 7 easy ways.

1. Setup and participate in a neighborhood watch program.

2. Make sure that the youths in the area have easy ways to spend their free time in positive ways. Sports, volunteering, part-time jobs, and after-school tutoring programs are all good ways to keep the youth out of trouble.

3. Research and learn about all the available hotlines and crisis centers in the area so that those affected by violent crimes have an opportunity to recover emotionally from their experience.

4. Volunteer to help keep local parks clean and friendly. Parks can become overrun by shady individuals if left unattended for a long time.

5. Adopt a local school. This means helping the students, faculty, Pennsylvania Home Security, and staff at the school promote a sense of community within both the school and the larger community.

6. Talk with local government officials and landlords on building and housing laws that promote a safer environment. Anti-noise laws, drug-free clauses in rental leases, and housing codes will cause would-be criminals to either clean-up or live somewhere else.

7. Build a partnership with the local police. Get your neighbors to report suspicious activities to police.

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